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It is only in deep appreciativeness for creative chaos that I can create at all.


Daughter to an artist and a banker/farmer, I've chosen to explore similarities in apparent opposites. This has led me to some very challenging and inspiring places both externally and internally. Chaos, dichotomies, dilemnas are inherent at all stages of life. I found however that painting was a far preferable approach than wrestling. Facing the tensions inherent in the human condition by lovingly creating out of the very messiness and even pain of living has become my passion. 


In recent years, navigating deeply challenging places my husband's mental illness took us, often required more of me than I could give.  Two years before he chose to end his life in 2015, I segued from acrylic painting to “painting with thread” that is freestyle machine stitching of collaged fibers. I found pain was channeled into creating prayer flags. As my husband’s illness progressed, the flags, each with its own intention or prayer taught me much about loving him and myself with fierce tenderness. Now I find continuing to make the flags still teaches me to better love him, the world, and myself.


My process involves seeking the gifts in great challenges. I peel back the layers of the human experience to look at what is hidden. Once an experience is named, I layer fibers and fabrics into textured collages, then "paint" details with free-style machine stitching. Each flag stands alone or they can be tied together. Creating these prayer flags is a journey of love and letting go and listening.


Through time I have found creating prayer flags has informed my painting as much as painting has informed the fiber work. Most of my acrylic paintings are now done through glazing technique. The rich depth that comes from layering colors (whether paint or fiber) is to me the essence of the human experience played out in the creative process. For I have found that in art, as in life, the unexpected brilliance is often beneath layers, where sacredness and beauty and love glows up from great depths.