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Today the temperature got up into the mid 90s for the second day in a row. There are places where this is no big deal. In Western Oregon in early June, it's a big deal. My house being a three story doesn't have AC because usual summers in this area maybe hit the 90s for a total of one week -- in August. The idea being a three story house sort of insulates itself enough to handle that kind of summer. But things are changing --- oh, did I mention my studio is on the third story?


So, today I packed a painting and supplies and brought them downstairs to work on. (I've tried to sew on my fiber collages in weather like this and the water soluable stabilizer leads to sticky (literally) situations with sweaty hands. Below is the painting I am working on for the class I wrote about a while back. It's being done using nearly all glazes. It's been quite a process. If I think of myself as a kindergartener I am fine but sometimes my ego wrestles with learning a new technique. If I let myself think fearfully, I feel myself stiffen-up inside and my breathing feels tight. If I remember to think fluidly, expansively, my soul soars.


At any rate, here it is mid-process. It's very different from anything I've done before in terms of subject matter as well. I'm liking the process;

California poppies
12x16 inches

acrylic on canvas