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So, I'ce dropped out of the 30 in 30 challenge. I am still working on 'Copper Dancing Woman" and have actually finished and started two paintings. But last Sunday I found my 18 year-old cousin had been shot (7 times in the back) by police. It was quite a week. And that's only half of what happened this week. 


So, I hung in there and keep moving forward, but to start and finish a piece a day is just not in me right now. Also, I am taking that painting class I mentioned a while back where I am learning glazing, a very time-consuming technique, at least it is while I am a beginner at it. So, I found painting hurriedly was counter to something important I am trying to learn -- patient layering of shapes and colors. My hope is to create greater depth in my works. I don't want to negate that by rushing to meet daily goals for the sake of my ego, because at this point, that's what it would be.


So, I worked on "Copper..." again today and will post photos soon. Also, I'll perhaps post some progress on my glazing work in painting. 


I'll just say in closing, I wish Ebin Proctor could still be sharing his art. He was a very talented young man. He was my aunt's only child. I have only one child myself. The tragedy of such a loss (and in such a manner) is unimaginable. He had not lived long enough. She had not, the world had not had enough time with him.