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Another crazy-busy day today. It's almost 11 and I'm just finishing up with business stuff... 


I did work in the studio. Worked on a painting but didn't get finished before I had to go to a meeting this evening. So, day 3 and I didn't complete a goal. Oh well. I have to be compassionate with myself. Times are a bit tumultuous. So, working in the studio is a grand goal and one I DID meet today despite it being crazy-busy all day. 


So, here is the photo of what I did yesterday on the large-scale fiber collage in progress during the 30 in 30 challenge:

Copper Dancing Woman in progress. You'll perhaps notice the face looks different than originally, that's because it has water-soluble stabilizer pinned (many pins, one through each piece of fabric/fiber) over it. The arms don't have this yet because I have yet to fill in the background around them and details on them.


Whew,... this is a challenge. Lot's of tweeking. I don't listen to music or anything during this phase of a work because it is such an intense task just "listening to the piece" as it develops. This requires listening to myself, to the materials, to an ethereal sense of balance in the universe and to the philosopy or spirit of the piece itself. I immerse myself in silence to listen to the music of the experience of building a collage. 


A "crazy-busy" day is a challenging environment for such an undertaking...