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No photo tonight. I'm tired... Been working many hours in the studio. Working on the new section of the "Copper Dancing Woman" inbetween coats on a painting. I actually felt like doing a painting today, so I experimented with some color combinations. The result isn't something to share. It's done, trust me, but it was an experiment and so will go in my to be painted over pile. It was fun to play with paint again though. And every time I experiment, I learn. Sometimes what to do and sometimes what not to do again.


As for the fiber collage, I didn't really finish a section though I got pretty far with her right arm and surrounding area. I took time though to also cut out the left arm because I was interested in placing them in relation to eachother and actually the left arm position revealed itself to me first so I thought, what the heck, get that started too. I'll post a photo tomorrow. Off to bed...