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Here we go.... I decided to use this 30 in 30 challenge to dig deeper into what is happening for me right now in art, fiber collage. So,... I am building a larger work. Because I use a humble little sewing machine (a workhorse that contains not a single micro-chip) it is very difficult to sew a larger collage, therefore, I am trying my hand at building the larger work sectionally. Today I began with the face. Mind you, I "paint" a lot with threads on the machine, so this will look very rough but piecing it is pretty significant, especially when it's a human face. Details will of course emerge with the sewing. I will decide tomorrow if I will go ahead and stitch (I need to buy needles) or if my 2 of 30 will be to build another section... we'll see...BTW, this showing you my pieces early in their development, this is scary. Not terrifying, but also not easy. I'm pretty private in my art-making. It's a quiet process between me and the universe. Sometimes a piece can look nearly finished and it has to be taken apart and started all over again because it doesn't quite feel right. These collages are adventures packed with perils and challenges and joys and mysteries and revelations all along the way. So tonight I invite you in... to see a bit, just a glimpse of beginning the journey.

"Face" section pieced for larger work "Copper Dancing Woman"
14 x14 inches

fabric, wool, yarn and toule