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Tomorrow and Sunday I am showing some of my prayer flags and paintings at the Oceanside Art Show in Oceanside Oregon! This is SO lovely a place to start my adventure showing the prayer flags. A humble little town nestled between hillside and ocean, with nary an arcade in sight, only three small restaurants to qualify as commerce and the sweetest little cabins to rent just up from the beach for a sweet price as well, Oceanside has since I arrived in Oregon 28 years ago been my favorite happy place.


So, patience...


For the past three weeks I've been dredging the deep waters of PTS (post traumatic stress) and have suffered to the point of fearing for my ultimate stability at times. Yet throughout I have continued to work on creating prayer flags. I finished Faith. Am now ready to stitch Hope. And I am eager to get at Charity (which also might be Love). The creating has not all gone smoothly of course. It never does. But it always goes well. That is to say, I always grow well by creating the flags. 


I don't listen to books on tape and extremely rarely even listen to music of any kind. Piecing the Flags is an act of prayer and an act of meditation. An act of listening. I listen to the piece, to the materials, to my instincts, to the universe, the day, the moment, my stomach, my heart. So anything else is distration. 


And sometimes a flag seems nearly finished when some little corner of it whispers or screams that something different needs to happen. And, I listen. And I take everything apart and play with what seems to need attention. Sometimes I build layer upon layer of fiber and fabric, over and over again. Maybe I let it rest a bit and come back. But always, always, that whisper or scream was right. And dozens, sometimes hundreds of fibers and pieces of fabric are moved time and time again as if placed like footfalls in a dance, until it flows, until the dance is harmonious... until the image down to the last piece fits the music of the intention.


Sometimes I use tweezers... that is the patience this process requires. Yet it isn't a battle. I think this is why, more than any other reason, I believe these prayer flags are my current destiny. Patience has always been a bit of a battle for me. I am learning to let go. To listen. To dance to the music of the universe.


Very much a neophite, I humbly dance!