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I really did finish this latest prayer flag by May 1st. What I DIDN't do was post the photos. I am still a bit slow to post sometimes. Doing a lot of work around that.... that visibility thing. I'm getting there. But for now I am here. In process. Also, I am working on creating a better process for getting photos of my works as I make them, since it's not practical to go to a professional with each individual piece.


So, here is the "Faith" flag from the series "The Three Graces."


Faith: first in series "The Three Graces"

20 x 20 inches

Fiber collage with freestyle machine stitching


Detail of "Faith"


Presently I am working on "Hope" for the same series. I realize I need to blog more about my process in making these. It really has been a powerful experience and continues to teach me, heal me and enrich my life. Tomorrow, I will explain more...