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Last night I attended a gathering of about 25 woment in a home for some time with Rashani Rea. I suggest you "Google" her. She's lived an amazing life. She is the most present person I've ever encountered. It was an amazing evening.


We took over 3 hours to introduce ourselves. Here's why: each person had selected a card with one of Rashani's collage images and a quote on it. As each introduced herself, then would read the card aloud and tell how the quote related to her life. We each in our own ways were guided deep within to touch the essence of what the quote touched. It was remarkable and powerful and beautiful.


My card was one of the simpler ones. "It is in loving that we become gentle." Love has been a theme for the past year and a half just as surely as has Fear. At this time in my life, I feel as if looking at Fear closely has and continues to peel away at illusions about myself (last week I experienced a breakthrough that answered life trauma dating back to my toddler days) and about life. If I am really present, truly here, now, me,... I'd say love is all I am have feel know. 


I am exploring Trust these days...