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Today I put in a sink. Then I took it all apart again. Pedestal sink (if you've ever put one in, you'll understand). Apparently, when those experts say "it's important to NOT tighten plastic fittings too tight," they aren't addressing someone with arthritis. The fittings needed to be tighter. BUT, after a mop-up and a few hours to let the plywood floor dry and I'll be heading up there to get that thing back together. I'll have someone double check the junctions. And plenty of rags on hand in case....


This is important to note. I'm putting in the sink in my studio! It's been years of up and down stairs with brushes and buckets. I've always just counted myself VERY fortunate to have the space and enjoyed the exercise. But when I found myself sinking into the mire of self-doubt last week, it occurred to me that taking a risk and doing something I've never done before would be just what I needed to boost myself and, well, I'm getting a sink in the studio as a bonus!