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Here is the last-finished prayer flag. It's not part of a set, that I know of as yet. Who knows what will come to perhaps join it in a set (?). The photo's just taken with my phone. I'm still not adept at editing photos taken from a phone. Bear with me... And I don't want to have a professional take photos until I've got a few more pieces together, to make the set-up fee work to greater advantage. I'm not selling these on the internet yet anyway. Still working on marketing strategizing... learning learning... (see more below photo)



I am working presently on another set. At tryptich. Something about threes is very engaging for me. Anyway, it is the three graces "Faith, Hope and Charity." I'm still sewing "Faith," very happy with it. Excited for the set. It's a bit more uplifting than "Up from the Broken Heart," which one would think would be uplifting but in reality, this image is very dark I think. It expresses the difficulty of pulling ones self up from the experience of feeling her/his heart having been broken. Yet too, the heart is not shattered; It is broke but it is broke open as well. The image came from a conversation with a friend, who at the same time as my own heart had been broken, was going through a divorce. We talked of our experiences but the phrase broken hearted never came up. For some reason, we gravitated naturally to phrasing our experiences as "healing from the broke-open heart." I think with every heartbreak, there is the opportunity to see it as an opening of the heart or a shattering. I chose and I hopefully in the future will choose (heartbreak is inevitable as part of the human experience) the former. The devastation is the same, the pain, the death, the "undoing," as I called it in last nights post is the same; but with heartbreak there is a choice. The choice is to respond with  love or to respond with fear. With Love is openness, curiousity even,  and a confidence that, even though I can't know what life will look like now, I know it will continue, I will continue. Even a wondering what life will mean to me through this devastation. The Fear response would be a shatterment then a gathering of the pieces and building a wall around them to protect what was broken as if THAT was all that was left. (I've made that choice before in life too)


"Up from the broken heart," IS dark, but it is not a fearful piece. It's also not particularly pretty, but I think it has beauty. There is a strength in it. The original offers a betterl look at  the details too that express the vulnerability of the experience of rising from the broke-open heart. The skin is green and rippled, as if raw and new. The skin at rebirth is very tender indeed. Yet the vulnerability doesn't indicate weakness either but simply the true state of being when one experiences loss, shedding the old and emerging into something completely foreign-feeling. Such is not weak at all, but it DOES FEEL extremely vulnerable. Like a tender shoot rising from a seed, we are green and softened -- and we strengthened to rise above the dark earth and face the sun and rain and winds of continued life.