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So, I've alluded to this family crisis for a while now. But I need to fess-up and then do the thing I think I cannot do....


Last Sunday I received an email from a consultant who I am hoping to have help me with my social media presence. This week has been extremely difficult in the family crisis department; but I could   have   read   the   email. Yet I have not. Why? Because I am scared and I am tired and so I put it off, saying to myself, "I am just dealing with too much right now." Which IS very true. HOWEVER, working on my art and getting myself launched HELPS me feel stronger. SO I NEED TO DO IT. 


This is residual self-sabotage, I know it. After the effort and the joy at entering my first juried show, I somehow shut down for the week following. So, here I am on Friday, not quite a week later, owning up to my Fear-induced procrastination. And I have dubbed tomorrow morning, "Saturday, get up off my ass and take charge again day." The morning in the studio and part of that time will be spent looking at the email and doing the homework.


And it's here in print. So I HAVE to do it. Got it? Good......


I'll let you know.