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After many hours writing, re-writing, re-formatting, cutting, pasting, tweeking, I submitted works to my first juried show. Whew! Under my belt. One. A start. Very cool! So,... now I wait.... and make more art!


To that point, I haven't been in my studio in a few days. This is hard. When I don't go up there regularly, two things happen, I start to feel creatively constipated is one and this is just difficult because life requires (especially right now) that I keep my creative tools honed. AND, second, it scares me that I WILL NEVER MAKE ART AGAIN. (chuckling actually) I am rather silly like that. And likely will forever run into this same Fear every time I take a few days off. Though, of course I know full well that creating things to me is like breathing. Sure I can go three days without it --wait-- ok, so, actually going three days is rather deadly when it comes to breathing. SOoooooo,... hmmmm.... probably shouldn't go three days without creating art either. Ah huh...


BUT, the Fear will not make it so. Regardless of whether I should get into the studio every day or not, my Fear of taking a brake is not founded in reality. It's founded in Fear. Simple as that. 


Sometimes I need a break. Sometimes I take a break. The past few days have been business-oriented, getting-the-work-out-there days. This has taken a lot of energy. So, I rest from the studio. 


I hear it calling though. I'll answer the call. I have to. I want to breathe!