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Not counting the days any longer. Wow! I've begun stepping forward into my new blog. I figure I will quite often include items related to Fear and to Love as I talk about my art adventures. Thus the new title of the Blog as we move beyond "The Fear Chair Project."


Yesterday was officially "discombobulated day." So I rested. Today, I attacked my files on my computer, addressed SOME of the issues on my website, and finished up the last bits in my second series of fiber collage prayer flags. It was a day of facing things I'd put off. Clearing the "shoulds" out of my head. Still much to do. My computer died midway through work on the website. I need to snap some photos of the second series so I can shop them around galleries. And my photo files on the computer will take eons to organize, not just a day. But today was brilliant. I am very grateful to be moving forward. I think I needed to let go of the FCP completely so that I can move on. 


Which reminds me, I also need to get an artist photo and bio to the charity the FC is going to for their fundraising event program. Eek. Starting tomorrow's list. Very exciting to be excited about getting my art out into the world. This has always been a bit sticky for me. So much has happened in the past couple months to nearly jetison me into my next phase as an artist. Little bit scary still but focusing on the Love of this time in my life! So much to Love in life right now! 


Best be off and write up a list of to dos for to morrow...