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Post chair carrying Day 51


What was I doing mid-point in the day marking the exact amount of time equal to the amount of time I carried the chair? I was helping to break down the local library booksale. Boxing unsold books and folding up tables. Moving everything back into storage. A few people tried to tell me to wait for help moving the tables or let someone else move the shelves or boxes. I am a carpenter/general contracter in addition to being an artist. I tear buildings down and build them up again. When my husband and I built our three story house ourselves, we joked that he was the brains and I was the braun. New to contracting, at that time, he told me where to move a stack of lumber and I did. We figure I've moved our entire house -- at least once. The thing is I am small. 5'4" and around 110 lbs. Oh, and I have gray hair. But, raised in a big family on a farm in Minnesota, I learned to like work or I would be miserable. So, one of my favorite things to do is move stuff (another favorite thing to do is digging, yes with a shovel). I don't belong to a gym. I do work for my workouts most of the time. Today I'd hoped to get some yardwork done but the 25 degree breezy day just didn't cooperate. So the opportunity to help out friends who'd been working all week by lending a hand to speed up the booksale take-down was just perfect all the way around. 


So, marking the end of my FCP officially here is about as anticlimactic as the decision to stop carrying the chair. It's just another day doing what I do. Again, I will incarnate the blog somehow on my website but as yet I am not certain what form it will take. I am certain Fear and Love will be discussed from time to time, whatever the main theme. The FCP was/is life-changing on so many levels. The lessons of these past 101 days will come up often as I live my life, I am sure. And of course, life will offer many the opportunity to re-learn or to learn new lessons as well.


Funny, I still don't know if anyone is even reading this....


If you are check out tomorrow and see what the universe, god and I come up with! I, myself can't wait to find out! :)