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post-chair carrying day 40


Really needing a bit of time to process my journey. Just had a very intense two weeks. Still suffering a bit from jet lag; but more, I think, my soul is suffering from instensity-lag. Not feeling Fear. Feeling vague impressions of Love and gratitude but also just not caught up with myself. Of course when I write this, a tiny nudge of Fear enters my consciousness. Fear that something is "wrong" about this; but only a nudge. Then I pour Love upon it and I am able to relax and allow. I simply cannot write too much right now. Too much ambiguity, too much vagueness, too much tiredness. I will be here waiting for me to return from the flights across the country and all the intensity of my time on the East Coast. And, when my soul and mind are again present, I will write.


Breathing for now...