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post-carrying day 34


"Luv is a helluva lot of work" 


When I was young my mother learned how to silkscreen. Her first job was to make felt banners with that saying on it. We kids helped by taking each finished piece to various surfaces, counters, couches, chairs, beds... Every surface we kids had used for safe in our games of "Lava." It was a two color poster, so the image evolved. And the house was covered twice. We all felt very important helping mom with such a big job. I believe 150 were made. And we all giggled that we got to say a semblance of a swear word infront of our mother.


One of my sisters has kept one of those banners all these years. Tonight she said, "being human is a helluva lot of work." A true twist on a truth. So often it just feels as if life could beat us. This "mountain" I keep talking about is littered with ridges and outcroppings and crevasses (to name a few) that just aren't visble until they are right infront of you. In other words, embarking upon the journey is one decision. Remaining on the climb is many decisions. At the outset we encounter our Fear confront it and move forward through it. As we continue, Fear leaves little and large reminders along the way that we are mere mortals. And this can be daunting at best, overwelming at medium and paralizing at worse. 


I don't really have any wisdom about this, it is just something that came up tonight. That life is a helluva lot of work. Again though I guess I recall the words, "but it's worth it!" And THAT is the wisdom. 


This week supporting my daughter as she goes through a complex passage and supporting other loved ones as well, I have felt a lot of Fear and a lot of Love but mostly what I have experienced is the worthiness of this journey. Love is a helluva lot of worth it! lol