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Post-carrying Day 26


Flying out day after tomorrow to see my daughter. She's having a pretty rough time while also working hard at art school. She's an only child, so no siblings to turn to. She's many states away, so her local support system is other college students and lets be honest, college students are and have to be wrapped up in their own lives. So, no consistent support system. She's doing great but hit a rough time. So I'll go for a week. See if I can help her find stability or at least support her efforts to do so. And just be there. Just be present. Someone who loves her always.


But first, tomorrow I'm stopping by my hairdresser for a dye job. Just to lighten things up a bit, I'm going with teal and purple highlights. Always been curious about this. Why not now? A little levity...  


Today I was mindful of my encounters with people, strangers and acquaintences. Noticing again when Fear took me back a step from connecting. Then stepping forward again, letting people into the circle I create out of Fear. Looking them in the eyes when we spoke, no matter for how long or short a time span. It was wonderful. I found myself saying frequently to myself as I went on my way, "people are beautiful." 


Mindful encounters with strangers result in feeling as if all the world contains is friends.