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Post-chair carrying Day 19


I am not feeling well again tonight and so won't be posting much. I had an upper endoscopy and anaesthetic always makes me very ill. Though with a UE one gets a sedative rather than a general, they had to keep me asleep for longer to deal with something they found and I trust the added sedative had a similar affect on me to a general because of this.


So, tonight I feel very nauseous and have chills and must wait until tomorrow to find out why my doctor "needs a new plan" of action. I am hopeful, for in his notes he said "not to worry." What he was doing was a follow up on a duodenal adenoma he took out last January. Apparently something was there again today. It will be biopsied of course but the fact of it being there was unexpected. 


So, Fear,... 


Choosing to focus on the Love and remembering all my mantras and tools and going to bed watching "Philadelphia Story." 


All will be well, all is well... 


Can't wait to get this sedative out of my system though too.