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Post-carrying Day 9


Again great conversations with people who haven't seen me yet without the chair until today. Did I mention last night that I took the chair out of my car? Either last night or this morning. Can't recall which. I needed to pick up our materials and tools from the jobsite and so needed to empty the car. I left it out however. I think it is time. 


I talked too with a couple people about how anti-climactic the end of carrying the Chair was relative to what I thought it might be. I thought some great insight would flash before me and "pow, zowie!" it would be time to stop carrying the chair. It's kind of funny that I stopped carrying it mid-day too. How plain-jane is that? Just didn't carry it any more. I went back and read posts just prior to and just after stopping the carrying. It really was rather unforetold as well. The fireworks have really been in the days following, the days since I stopped carrying it. The insights and the deepening of resolve and understanding of insights are what i am loving since setting the Chair down. 


The FB group and I are nearing the end of our 30 in 30 challenge and while I have learned a great deal, I still feel very much in the thick and churning waters of this experience. I haven't a clue of the big picture this experience has created for me. And, swimming in these waters, I sometimes fear there are no answers, no further lessons. But the FCP has taught me better than anything I've put myself through that the real learning comes after one is again on dry land. Feet planted firmly to withstand the weight of lessons and new ideas about ones self.