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Day 32


Woke up at 4 a.m. with a nasty sore throat. You know, the kind that make you feel like gagging. Hard to get back to sleep. Had to leave the house by 7 for an appointment (that was challenging in terms of bringing the chair with me but I did and it was fine) then to work. Still painting the first coat on the trim of the house we are working on. It was hot today. I did a bunch of overhead sanding. Overhead anything gives me a massive headache. Sanding gives me a nasty headache. I developed a nastily massive headach. (Scar tissue from three cases of whiplash, my physical therapist said I'm "pretty much screwed")


All this set-up to say, I am tired and can't think beyond the snot in my head. End of summer colds, oy. So I can't even recall what I was going to write about tonight. (Think I DO need to get that little notebook). And I am tired. I have a wedding to cater tomorrow night as well. So I'd better rest up. Took lots of zinc today. 


Sorry to be a whiny blog tonight. 


I'll just say, about the FCP today, sometimes, some places are REALLY challenging to take the chair. They so far have worked out fine. I noticed this today and wondered when am I going to hear someone go off on me about carrying it into an innappropriate (in that person's mind) place. I imagine I may hear an angry response someday. I won't fret about it but it did cause me to pause a bit today. The FCP is strengthening me. I sense that will be someday tested...


Good night! Pleasant Dreams!