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Day 13 Fear Chair experiment


Someone shared a video compilation that included excerpts from Jim Carey's commencement address. He spoke about Fear and Love, Faith and Hope. That we only have two choices Fear or Love. That Faith looks different than Hope: Hope walks through the fire while Faith leaps over it. 


First reflection about the Fear Chair experiment related to these thoughts: I am SO grateful every time I pick up the Fear chair and see the underside of the seat where I long ago painted "Love." I knew from the beginning there are two choices and while I am carrying a Fear Chair I want always to know what the other choice is. This has been very empowering and self-encouraging along the way.


Second reflection: Am I walking through the fire by carrying the chair or am I leaping over the fire? Initially I feel walking through it but it is not because of hope. So I rethink the question. Is carrying the chair a walking through the fear or a leap over them? I think it is a walking through. This is a bit dissappointing really. I would love to simply leap. I've leaped in life before with fabulous results. But I've leaped before with devastating results. My life right now actually has a LOT of leaping going on in it (I can't go into details) and I think that is why I am also needing something to steady things. So, I guess my answer is that I leap in my life and with the chair, I walk through. 


Again, I guess I'd say, yes leaping is important but we will never get rid of fear. We will ALWAYS have two choices (love or fear). There is no escaping, nor do I think we'd want to escape entirely either one. For, isn't it in this that we have Free Will? That which makes us most human? The fact of the choice. So I guess, realizing my very human state, I guess I will continue to practice leaping and for now will do so with a Fear Chair hanging on my back. For now the chair helps me clarify my choices in the moment and understand the pattern of my choices through time that led me to this moment. 


Someday I will not need the chair. And, lighter (much lighter) just watch me leap!