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The year of work (2019) was intense. It was jammed with activities and challenges. I DID work hard. And it was a brilliant year. The year of work began with me mired in the image of being roadkill. I felt like goo. This metaphor seemed to sit well with the universe when I encountered an actual owl midday that stood it’s ground on the road in front of my car until I came to a full stop feet from it.  It seemed to size me up in comparison to the dead rabbit that had originally caught it’s eye. And, I hadn’t even realized last year, I don’t think owls scavenge, do they? Yes, the universe concurred, I was roadkill at the beginning of the year. There was MUCH work to be done.


I feel the temptation to write an account in detail of the year of work. However, here is what it was in a nutshell, to save you the lonnnnnnngggggg story: Seeing and saying it was the year of work kept me accountable when I encountered my own laziness, hesitation, or self-doubt. The theme was ever-present, re-minding me that this life isn’t about taking shortcuts or sleeping through overwhelming tasks. So, the year was deeply lived. Many challenges and an over-abundance of gifts and miracles, mostly because I didn’t back down from the challenges. In the end, I was less the roadkill and more the owl unflinchingly declaring “I am here; and I have purpose.” As a bonus, that purpose grew in depth and clarity.


And now, as I find myself one month into 2020, “The year of Student,” I do so humbly, knowing there is foundational work already begun. I have much to learn about Love. There is still work to be done. This year the task seems to be to listen more deeply to the lessons in front of me rather than simply face them.