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Reviewing the year is not so uncommon on the first day of a new one. It feels a bit trite. Today though it had to be done. I had not yet received the download of a new word for 2019. Reviewing the old year usually takes moments all throughout December as I approach God the Source requesting a word for the coming year. December this year was pretty busy.


It wasn’t Christmas or any other holiday that distracted me. December was busy fulfilling the theme for 2018. Well, not the primary theme. THAT theme was “Writing.” I did write a lot in 2018. Got three short stories written, finished and submitted another to the literary magazine, Glimmer Train (earning an honorable mention), and submitted a sizeable chunk (I be a writer) of a book for a fellowship. During the year, I experienced for the first time that glorious feeling when one's characters write their own story.


The sub-theme for 2018 however, the theme that occupied much of December was “Driving.” Sounds somewhat like “Writing,” so I have wondered if my hearing was off last year. Though I did, as I always do, argue with God the Source about the choice of words last year. Theme or not, December was another road-trip for me. One of four in 2018, during which I set foot in 22 states total. I’m not in sales; and I didn’t have art openings. Three of four weren’t planned. All were intensely instructive, rich in challenges and gifts.


So, I was distracted from asking and from listening for a word downloaded from God the Source. I was distracted until recent days; and today, bright and early, as I wrote my morning pages (actually, I was resting between pages) in came the word. An image of lace in my mind’s eye and the word “Work” downloaded as this year’s theme.


As always, the selection clearly landed in my being; and again, per usual, my response was a resounding internal “REALLY?” followed by “Are you SURE?” Then a long list of lovelier words I would feel ecstatic to live out in the coming year. I threw God Source a “Vibrant,” a “Trust,” a “how about ‘Thrilling’? You’ve not chosen that one for me yet.” Or “Joy? How about Joy? That’s something you and I’ve had words about. Couldn’t THAT be the word?”


Nope. The theme for 2019 for me is “Work.” Wow. Yikes even. I finished my pages feeling exhausted already. I whined just a bit more, “How can ‘Work’ be the theme when I just drove through 22 states in the last year?” I wanted “Rest,” to be the theme. Yet in the end, of course, I acquiesce. I trust. This will, as they all are, no matter the word for the year, be twelve months of challenges and gifts.


2019 will bring humbling and exhilarating lessons. Work. Vibrant, thrilling, joyful work it might be, trusting.


 (fiber collage prayer flag at the top of post is Compassion)