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Woke up struggling this morning. Got out my emotional and spiritual toolbox. Did the work. Then showed-up in the studio. As I worked on this new commission, it occured to me, 'compassion' is what I need today. When I wake in a funk, I can so naturally push and shove and whip myself into shape, into feeling better. As if that ever works. A few weeks ago I started trauma therapy. My first session, I had a vision. The vision was compassion. And it reached back over three decades to a moment of utter despair and there drew out the seed of compassion planted by another long ago vision that saved my life. God Universe Spirit Source is good, and knows how to make a lotus bloom. And today G.U.S.S. taught me a bit about that. 


Enjoy the progression of the day in the photos below (ready to be pinned and sewn):