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I was talking with some friends about the current prayer flag I am working on and about a post on FB. The wording of just what it is that I do came up and so I clarified that I "free-style machine stitch" the flags on my sewing machine. There was some question as to whether I used an embroidery machine. Nope. It's a simple little machine. Then one of the women showed us some of her quilts and the question came up asking whether she had quilted them. She answered, "no, I don't have a free-style stitching machine." I let it go.


I feel compelled however to clear this up more publicly because I get these comments and questions alot about what kind of fabulous machine allows me to "paint with thread." Here it is, I use the simple sewing machine shown in the photo above. It only has straight and a few zigzag options for seams and hems. That's all. 


Every sewing machine has the option to free-style stitch. All you have to do is lower the feeder feet (so you move the fabric through yourself) and attach a darning foot which allows more flexibility in movement. It cost $200 fifteen years ago. Now you know my secret.